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My photos are typically taken of things that I see and like at a given moment. It could be the way the light reveals itself - it might be something we pass by everyday without giving it a second thought; an object casts an interesting shadow; the sun reflects off of an object (just briefly) in a unique way.

Whatever it is that presents or reveals itself to me is, for the most part, never the same. Occasionally there is a theme - Food in the market - Children at play - Door knockers - that theme could eventually become a category on this site.

Additionally you will find photos devoted to my love of travel, especially Italy. The majority of my photos are from years of travels to this wonderful country.

Please continue to return from time to time. If you seek something specific, please contact me. The piece probably exists in my vast collection of photos.

My hope is that you will enjoy what you see and even be inspired to purchase a piece of my work that speaks to you. Allow me to assist in beautifying your world.

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Thanks for your interest in EarthVisions Photography. If you would like to contact me, please leave a message or call and I'll reply as soon as possible.